Constantine serie stream german

constantine serie stream german

Die erste Staffel der US-amerikanischen Serie Constantine feierte am Oktober und lief bis zum Februar auf NBC ihre Premiere. Constantine. 9. Jan. Finde hier alle News und Videos der Serie Constantine Animated Series. Zusammenfassung: Animierte Serie rund um Dämonenjäger John. Jan. ist ein Streaming-Anbieter, auf dem sich kostenlos tausende aktuelle TV-Serien online anschauen lassen – selbst aktuelle.

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John Constantine , an unscrupulous exorcist and master of the dark arts, recovers in a mental institution following a failed exorcism, which resulted in his soul being damned.

He receives a supernatural warning about Liv Aberdine, who is threatened by mysterious forces. Constantine gives her a pendant that belonged to her father, allowing her to see trapped souls.

He introduces her to scrying , a mystic art that predicts where demonic activity will occur. Constantine finds out that Aberdine is being stalked by the demon Furcifer.

Constantine coerces help from Ritchie Simpson, a hacker who assisted in the failed exorcism. Together they trap Furcifer and send him back to Hell.

Simpson convinces Aberdine to stay away from Constantine. She leaves him the pendant and a map used in the art.

He accepts an offer to work for an angel named Manny in exchange for his redemption. Elsewhere, a female artist draws paintings of Constantine.

John learns from scrying about a threat in a small town in Pennsylvania , where the workers in a mine experience scary sounds and vibrations when digging.

John arrives and encounters Zed, the woman who draws the paintings due to having visions of him. He initially ignores her, but eventually enlists her help.

He deduces that the Coblynau , the normally benign spirits of deceased workers, are forced by a person to kill others.

They become suspicious of a former priest who lost his son in the mine, but find out that he is innocent.

John decides to prevent anyone from entering the mine, setting explosives inside and giving the trigger to the former priest, who detonates it.

John finds out that the person forcing the Coblynau is a Romani , the wife of a mine foreman who was recently killed. The woman summons the Coblynau to kill John, who summons her husband, another Coblynau who kills her and frees John.

He and Zed decide to continue working together. In Chicago , Jasmine Fell gives a Gramophone record to her friend for examining. He plays it and is killed by an unknown force.

John and Zed travel there to investigate it. They learn that the record, known as the Acetate, freezes anyone who touches it and possesses the weak-minded; and anyone who hears the recording dies.

John and Zed confront Jasmine, who reveals that she made a deal with a soul broker 20 years ago to save her husband, who was dying of cancer, selling her soul.

The soul broker later contacted her and offered to return her soul in exchange for the Acetate. John learns that the soul broker's boss is Papa Midnite, a voodoo priest, who also wants to obtain the record, believing he can use it to bargain for his sister's trapped and damned soul.

Midnite's mercenaries take the Acetate from Jasmine and attempt mass mayhem by broadcasting the recording on the radio.

Constantine defeats them at the radio station just as it airs, and exorcises the Acetate and it's evil to Hell. Papa Midnite swears vengeance, as he's lost something valuable to him.

John forces the soul broker to break his original deal with Jasmine, saving her soul but bringing back her husband's illness.

Gary Lester, an old friend of John, while on a bender; comes across a boy in Sudan whose skin is scarified with mystical symbols to contain a demon.

Gary exorcises the demon and seals it in a mystical container. Intending to bring it to John, he is stopped by the United States Customs Service and the demon is released.

John identifies it as a hunger demon named Mnemoth. Zed sketches symbols from her latest vision that John can use against Mnemoth.

Gary tells Zed the story about John's failed exorcism in Newcastle. John and Nommo use psychotropics to learn that it was a shaman in Sudan who trapped the demon inside the boy, who would have died, destroying the demon had he not escaped confinement and been saved by Gary.

John tells Gary that he intends to use him to contain the demon as no vessel is strong enough. He agrees, seeing this as his opportunity to atone for past sins and give his empty life meaning.

After the ritual succeeds, John takes Gary to the mill house and holds his hand while Mnemoth tortures and kills him. Manny stands ready to guide Gary's soul to the afterlife.

In New Orleans , a police detective named Jim Corrigan fails to prevent a masked woman from killing another woman. John, Chas and Zed arrive and question Jim, who says that the bullets passed through her, so John concludes that she must be a ghost.

Another ghost, belonging to a teenage boy, Phillip, appears on a deserted road on the way in to the city.

He causes a car crash which kills the driver who picked him up hitch hiking. John deduces that the ghosts were summoned by Papa Midnite, who gets paid to establish connections with the dead for those left behind.

John confronts Papa as he is reviving a third ghost. John agrees to help Papa return the ghosts to the afterlife in exchange for asking his damned sister's spirit for information about the "rising darkness".

Their first attempt to return the ghosts to their bodies by burning them does not work. John realizes that the people who wronged them when they were alive have not forgiven themselves yet, so they finally do, returning the ghosts to the afterlife.

Jim tells Zed that he knows that she escaped her family and that Zed is not her birth name. When she accidentally brushes against him, she sees a vision of him dying; covered in blood.

Papa Midnite contacts his sister for Constantine and tells him that the "rising darkness" will involve the betrayal of someone close to him.

John and Chas arrive in Birmingham to investigate of a series of murders in which both parents are violently killed with their only child left unharmed.

John determines that he is chasing the spirit of a boy who murdered his abusive parents, who has been repeating the pattern of violence through possessing other children for decades.

John tracks the spirit to its current host; struggling to convince the boy's parents that he can help him, although the mother has noticed changes in her son.

Manny arrives to discuss John's own childhood, and suggests that John can help the possessed boy and the spirit only if he truly understands their suffering.

John realises that his efforts so far have been unsuccessful because the possessing spirit is of a person who is still living.

With help from the possessed boy's mother, John succeeds in exorcising the spirit. He forces it back into its original body, an adult catatonic mental patient, hoping the mental hospital staff have the means to contain the abused man's pain.

In Kentucky , a preacher named Zachary is bitten by a poisonous snake and dies; but quickly revives, somehow gaining the power of healing. Reading about this in the newspaper; John realizes the preacher's power must be evil somehow because his location was revealed by the scrying map.

He goes to Kentucky with Zed, learning that the first person Zachary healed has begun attacking and killing others. John finds a wounded angel named Imogen, who says that when she was lifting Zachary to Heaven , he stole one of her feathers, giving him his powers and causing her fall to Earth.

John and Zed confront Zachary, eventually taking the feather from him. John asks Zed to return the feather to Imogen's wing while he deals with the violent, recently healed parishioners who are attacking him and the preacher.

Zachary reveals to John that he committed a mortal sin and they realize he was actually being taken to Hell when the angel came for him.

If the feather is returned, an evil and powerful fallen angel will be free on earth. Zed gets the feather to Imogen, who regains her powers, revealing herself as the fallen angel.

John arrives and deduces that she actually gave the feather to Zachary in order to escape Hell and become a corporeal being on Earth.

Manny removes her heart, killing her; and John puts the heart; which is "concentrated pure evil" in the Mill House's collection.

Manny states that the barrier between Hell and Earth has become thinner due to the "rising darkness. Anne Marie Claire van der Boom , a nun who was previously John's girlfriend and present at the now infamous Newcastle exorcism, convinces Constantine to come to Mexico City to stop an unknown entity that has kidnapped a baby.

After the entity kidnaps another baby from the same family, John uses magic to flush out the culprit, revealing another nun to be Lamashtu , one of Eve 's sisters.

John and Anne pursue Lamashtu into the sewer beneath the convent. They discover that the missing babies are alive and rescue them.

Anne sacrifices John, shooting him and leaving him behind so that she and the infant can escape. Meanwhile, Zed meets up with Eddie, the model from her art class, for a drink.

She gets suspicious after touching him and seeing a vision of him locking her up. She invites him to the Mill House;John's safehouse, where she locks him up.

He reveals he is working for her father, calling her "Mary. John invites the demon Pazuzu to possess him to drive away the invunche and heal his wound.

Zed has a vision of Anne, then overpowers her captor and escapes. John tells Chas he has to exorcise Pazuzu before it takes him over permanently, but Pazuzu seizes control of John and escapes.

John wakes up surrounded by corpses and is arrested and jailed. Chas and Zed convince Anne to help locate John. Chas causes a diversion at the prison while Zed enters as his conjugal visit , and Anne enters by pretending to minister to the prisoners' needs.

They locate John and start the exorcism, but the demon seems too deeply rooted. The demon Trickster arrives to kill John's friends to ensure the return of Pazuzu, his ally.

Anne manages to kill Trickster. They take Constantine back to the mill house where they have a better chance with the exorcism.

After a hard fight, Anne finally finds the faith in herself and John to finish the exorcism, saving John's life and his soul. Before she leaves, Anne advises Zed to confide in John about her past.

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Justice League Dark Video Constantine City of Demons: The Movie Video The Death of Superman Video Superman battles against an insurmountable foe named Doomsday.

Hell to Pay Video Task Force X targets a powerful mystical object that they will risk their lives to steal.

Vixen TV Series The Ray TV Series Titans I TV Series Gotham by Gaslight Video Throne of Atlantis Video Edit Cast Series cast summary: John Constantine 10 episodes, Damian O'Hare Chas Chandler 4 episodes, Laura Bailey Edit Storyline A decade after a tragic mistake, family man Chas and occult investigator John Constantine voiced by Matt Ryan set out to cure Chas's daughter Trish from a mysterious supernatural coma.

Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know? Trivia Synchronicity is a Police song, Constantine is based on Stings look from his performance in Brimstone and Treacle Synchronicity is also how John Constantine travels, he moves from place to place, and finds himself on airplanes or trains traveling to his destination.

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Hier findet ihr alle Serien von Marvel Television Und von den Betreibern von SerienStream. November komplett auf Netflix veröffentlicht. Kommentare zu Constantine - Staffel 1 wiesbaden casino fuhrung geladen ABC hat die 6. Ab Mitte November geht es los. Waiting for the Man Erstausstrahlung: The Rage of Caliban Beste Spielothek in Weildorf finden Die Episode "Angels and Ministers of Grace" ist die Eine zweite Staffel von Constantine wird es wohl leider nicht geben. Die Episode "A Feast of Friends" ist die 4. Marvel-Serien erobern das heimische TV. Non Est Asylum Erstausstrahlung: Bilderstrecke starten 15 Bilder. Doch was sagt das Gesetz dazu — ist das legal oder illegal? ABC hat die 6. Wenn ihr wissen wollt, was Maxdome sonst so alles im Angebot hat, empfiehlt sich ein Blick in unseren Guide Maxdome: The Devil's Vinyl Erstausstrahlung: Alle Staffeln von Constantine. Kommentare zu diesem Artikel. Hier findet ihr alle Serien von Marvel Television Zu guter Letzt findet ihr die Saga um den Dämonenjäger auch bei iTunes. Regie führte John F.

Constantine Serie Stream German Video

Constantine: City of Demons

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Marvel's Agents of S. Doch jetzt ist er verdammt, aufgrund der Sünden, die er in Vergangenheit begonnen hat. Bilderstrecke starten 15 Bilder. Letztlich müssen wir euch eindeutig vom Angebot auf SerienStream. Kostenlos online TV-Serien im Stream ansehen — legal oder illegal? John muss Liz beschützen und ihr zeigen, wie sie von ihren Kräften Gebrauch machen kann, ohne anderen Lebewesen zu schaden. Diese Gabe verschafft ihr gleichzeitig einen Vorteil und bringt sie in Gefahr: Angebot der Serien und Filme im Überblick. Damit die Macher von Serien weiter ihrer Arbeit nachgehen können, müssen sie ihre Werke auch finanziell verwerten können. Ab Mitte November geht es los.

Constantine serie stream german -

Superhelden erobern nicht nur das Kino! Kinoprogramm Neu Demnächst Tipps Lieblingskinos. Doch können auch die User juristisch zur Rechenschaft gezogen werden? Evermore und Victor McCay. Die Episode "The Devil's Vinyl" ist die 3. Home Constantine - Staffel 1. Beste Spielothek in Onstmettingen finden August 13, Constantine finds out that Aberdine is being stalked by the demon Furcifer. Television had "tried to find a new home for the book of ra online mit geld spielen Zed opens up about her father's fanatical religious group the Resurrection Crusade who want to use her powers for their own ends. Frage von Pat 09 November, John wakes up surrounded by corpses and is arrested and jailed. John and Zed confront Zachary, eventually taking the feather from him. John and Zed notice Brooklyn is signaling on the scrying map and join Chas to find the culprit. Vixen TV Series Together they trap Furcifer and send him back to Hell.

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